Hostel Guide

Not all hostels are created alike.

Here’s Spotahome's 17 best European cities for solo travelers:

If you choose a more low-key hostel you might not find anyone too interested in hooking up in the first place. The first step is getting yourself out there to meet people — which is actually pretty easy with a little effort. As mentioned before, staying in hostels is the easiest way to met fellow travelers. Just head to the part of the hostel where people gather — usually the kitchen area or a common room. One surefire way to meet more people is to buy some cheap beer and invite people to hang out.

Plus, this is a chance to meet locals. However, hosts will often introduce guests to their friends at a bar, party, etc. Another way to meet people is through Couch Surfing Meet Ups that are usually held at a bar in most major European cities.

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Couch Surfing Meet Ups are hosted by active members of the CS community as a way for locals, expats and travelers to meet and mingle. Here are a few articles about people using Tinder in Europe: This is pretty much a no-brainer but if you fancy meeting a local then a bar or club might be a good option. Extended tours aimed at young people have a reputation for booze, parties and sex — most notable is Contiki Tours. You never know but it could happen! Ladies, check out our guide to solo travel in Europe. There is a common scam where attractive ladies will convince a guy to go into a bar and order her drinks.

Read about other tourist scams here.

The 17 Best European Cities for Solo Travellers - The Spotahome Blog

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